• How running on a daily basis can help to reduce depression in your life?

    Running is the process of transmitting energy in the body and also improves blood circulation, which reduces the risk of many diseases, and also the immune system is boosted. According to a recent study, if a person has a complaint of depression or tension then for some time in the day or week, the race will be very beneficial.

  • Ayurveda Treatment For Eczema Type of Skin Disease

    In Eczema the skin becomes dry and it seems to itch repeatedly because there is a lack of moisture on the upper surface of the skin, resulting in no protection of the skin, the attack of bacteria and easy to penetrate. In severe cases of eczema, secretion of the pus and blood is also found in the areas of skin. This disease is also known as Dermatitis. Eczema usually disappears for many people but for others, it can be lifelong.

  • How to minus the sinusitis?

    There are many cavities (hollow holes) in our skull. They help keep our head and breathe. These holes are called sinus. If the sputum is filled up in these holes then it becomes difficult to breathe. This problem is called the sinus.

  • Depression after delivery: How to manage?

    Lesser Penance matters more than the experience of giving birth. In some women, it can be psychologically harmful and can also cause depression. This depression is about 80% of women.