What Type of People Is More Likely to Have Eczema? What Are The Causes?

Infants with more dry and sensitive skin than normal. If there is a history of the skin disorder in the family such as asthma, eczema and allergy, then the child is more than 50% of eczema.

Causes of Eczema

The exact cause of eczema is still not known. But studies show that this is due to the combination of genetic (and hereditary) and environmental factors. The child is prone to the development of eczema if one of the two parents is atomic. Other causes of eczema include:


Juice, insecticides, shampoo, detergent, soap and juice from vegetables, meat and fresh fruits.


Dandruff, mold, pollen, pets and dust.


Some bacteria such as ‘Staphylococcus aureus’ or some fungus and viruses.

Cold and warm temperatures

Sweating, high low humidity, and warm weather can make skin nausea and trigger eczema.


Some foods such as wheat, soy products, seeds, nuts, pickles, eggs and dairy products can also trigger eczema.


Tension can usually worsen eczema symptoms.


Women who have eczema, usually worsen symptoms during menstruation and pregnancy. It usually occurs when the levels of hormones start fluctuating.

Myths about Eczema

People have made many myths about eczema. There is a belief that to protect eczema, it should change its diet, avoid exercising because it will sweat on the skin and burn eczema with skin. Bathe daily enhances Eczema.

Sweating during exercise can cause itching and irritation in eczema, causing eczema to become more rapidly infected. To avoid this, exercise at the open airspace, which will keep the air dry after sweating and open, relaxed, loose-fitting.


Do not drink hot water during exercise and do not take hot water after exercise.

Bathe does not enhance eczema every day. A good hypo-allergenic, unhealthy production should be used by bathing with aromatic soap and gels. Along with hot water, it will be beneficial to take a bath with lukewarm water. After bathing, the wet body should not have a tail powder but rather a moisturizer cream.

Before bathing in the pool, if the bath is taken once in the house and the body is bathed in the infected place by putting cream, the infection does not spread.

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