Truth Behind These 7 Common Menopause Myths

Menopause is still a real taboo and we need to talk about this thing and change how we feel and our different experiences for our friends and family.

Here are some myths related to it:

It happens overnight

The average menopause symptoms of menstruation last for four years, but one in 10 women experiences them for 12 years. When you start your pompanos, ovaries start producing low estrogen, therefore You experience symptoms of menopause, but there are still periods that can last for many years.

Menopause begins at 50

The woman can start experiencing menopausal symptoms between the ages of 45 and 55 years. Women are going through the earliest menopause without any feeling, so it is important to talk to your doctor if you have an irregular period or your period has stopped.

It’s all about hot flush

Hot flush and night sweats are common symptoms. But bladder weakness is one of these ‘hidden worries. Lower levels of estrogen can make the bladder thin and less elastic. The pelvic floor also weakens in muscles supporting the placenta. These changes can mean that you need to pass urine frequently, you may experience bladder leakage, or you may be prone to irradiation such as urinary infection.

Life will not be the same again

There are several ways to enjoy healthy menopause. Eating a healthy balanced diet that protects from low in sugar and processed foods, is really important. Finding regular exercises that work for you, are also beneficial for our heart, bone strength and welfare. If you are experiencing bladder weakness, you can also practice some pelvic floor in your daily routine.

It will adversely affect your sex life

Many women think that their sexual power decreases during this time. This can happen to many factors, including levels of the fluctuating hormone, symptoms like vaginal dryness and emotional effects of going through these changes. Some women really experience increased in sexual intensity because their levels of testosterone hormones that improve libido can increase the period of time before falling.

You can eat contraceptives

Although the reproductive capacity of women starts falling after the age of 35, there may be a pregnancy. Women reaching menopause at age 50 or above should use contraception 12 months after their last duration, while 50 women who reach menopausal age below the age of two years should continue to use contraception after 2 years of their last duration.

HRT is the last resort

Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) is the most effective treatment to get rid of symptoms due to menopause. Variety and dosage are available. If a woman has the right type then its symptoms can actually improve, because it changes the hormone that it is missing. Many doctors now write body-like hormones, which are more effective than some older types of HRT, because they have fewer side effects.

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