Say No To Pregnancy By These Natural Solutions And Home Remedies

Missing of your period is an alert for women before pregnancy sometimes, and if you don’t want to get pregnant then it will be a nightmare for you. If the period is coming on timing if a couple continued with intercourse, the possibility of pregnancy will be unimportant.

If you want a fast cure after doing intercourse, go for pills that are used as contraceptive pills for women and these are accessible in both ways offline and online. If you didn’t want to come to a shop you can also make an order online. There are various apps and websites which provides the best online medicine delivery service. Just keep in mind these birth control pills may be dangerous for your body too if you are not aware of the quality and timing for taking that. So if you are feeling uncomfortable It is smarter to go for other natural solution described below for this. Because It has no side effects generally.

5 natural ways to avoid pregnancy

  • Natural family planning is the best method to avoid pregnancy. In this method, you have to track your menstrual cycle (MC) and avoiding sexual intercourse when you are in the mode of fertility. Just remember that it lasts for around six to nine days in every month and coincides with ovulation, which is the release of the egg.

  • Once in a while supplement food of Vitamine C is additionally an awesome solution for getting out from the circumstance of missed and postponed periods. You should simply pick a few organic products that are wealthy in vitamin C. Since It is a magnificent segment that can create estrogen in the body in your uterine coating, there will be withdrawal and adequacy in getting menstrual dying.

  • There is another home remedy. You can also try papaya which is popular and one of the warm fruits in India. After eating papaya the temperature of your body will be increased and the chances of getting your menstruation cycle will be more.

  • Regular food with lots of oil and spice also helps to get your menstrual cycle (MC) soon. So for a trial, you can also go with this point, at least you can do it for some days. This is also a beneficial home remedy which you can try easily with less time and less money. You can cook spicy food at home too. Having such a variety of spicy will be extremely successful in creating heat inside your body and offer ascent to occasional menstrual cycle quickly. This is a great cure in the event that you think you are not getting periods and consequently, you may be pregnant.

  • Home remedies food substance you can also try ginger tea, garlic, fig, eggs, asafoetida and similar hot foods which can help you to keep your body warm to get your periods immediately.

It’s true that becoming a mother is the dream for a lady but if she is not ready or the couple is not prepared to take the responsibility of the child then it can be stressful too.

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