Rheumatoid Arthritis: Symptom, Stage And Cure


Rheumatoid arthritis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease, which simply means it happen when the immune system attacks in strong body tissue. The immune system creates antibodies that harmful to bacteria and viruses to fight infection. 

Firstly it affects the hands and feet but that does not mean it leaves the body. It can happen in any joint. Rheumatoid arthritis troubles a large number of persons and can considerably decrease one’s eminence of life. A person can suffer from rheumatoid arthritis by 10 years to as many as 20 years. 


Some early symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis involve pain, rosiness and puffiness in the small joints on mutual areas of the body. Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms are created by the tenderness of the casing that generally lubricates and safeguards the joints. Additionally, the normal symptoms for rheumatoid arthritis are small lumps or nodules that may happen below the skin close to the joints.

Some study related to the early symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis has been accomplished in anticipations of getting early warning indications of the disease in the bloodstream. 

If early warning indications may be identified prior to the normal signs of rheumatoid arthritis come out, then doctors can be capable of stopping the disease from succeeding to the point where joint deformity takes place. But, much study is still essential prior this may occur. Presently, doctors are only capable of making a verified analysis after the early signs of rheumatoid arthritis come out.

Some less widespread signs of rheumatoid arthritis involve tenderness of the lining more or less the heart and lungs, irritation of the salivary glands and tear, and in rare conditions, all-purpose inflammation of the blood vessels and lungs. Whereas the premature symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are impounded to the joints, different systems of the body can also be impacted, specifically if it is not cured.


In the primary stage of RA, the initial inflammation in the joint capsule and swelling of synovial tissue happens which causes joint pain and stiffness. But in the last stage, the inflammatory process ceases completely and joints finish functioning altogether.


Curing rheumatoid arthritis signs characteristically includes curing the ache and decreasing the irritation. In most conditions, the drugs of alternative are non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory medicines, but these can involve harsh side effects involving harm to the abdomen lining and kidneys.

Cox-2 inhibitors have also been employed to cure the general symptoms for rheumatoid arthritis, but some possess dangerous side effects and may increase the peril of heart attack and stroke.

The premature symptoms for rheumatoid arthritis can be cured with corticosteroids, but these are not employed for long-term care, as they become unproductive and may direct to the tapering of the bones, weight addition and diabetes.

Rheumatoid arthritis characteristically varies, sometimes over an individual’s whole lifespan, and they may vary from non-existent or mild to modest or ruthless. Diverse treatments and medicines can be arranged based on the rigorousness of the rheumatoid arthritis signs and the phase of a sequence of the disease.

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