Protection And Awareness Of AIDS In The Young Ladies

HIV AIDS is a big disease now everywhere throughout the world, particularly in the Unified States. In numerous nations, ladies and young girls have been badly influenced by this problem since the start of the worldwide HIV pandemic.

HIV stands for the human immunodeficiency virus that assaults our immune system work and badly affected the Lymphocytes, a T-cell. T-cell is a kind of white platelets or WBC (White Blood Cells). Because of this AIDS is developed in our body and our immune system starts to work slowly and day by day it became too powerless.

Is HIV AIDS sickness a reparable issue?

At first all the ladies and girls, you should now that the infection of HIV AIDS is found in semen, blood, rectal, vaginal liquids. It can be easily transmitted through:

  • Sexual intercourse
  • Sharing of needles and syringes
  • Breastfeeding if the mother is living with HIV problem
  • Blood transfusion

Despite the fact that there is presently no changeless fix, with early determination and the correct medications like antiretroviral, many people with HIV can live long with happiness. But, yes if you are leaving this disease without treatment then definitely it will lead to death only.

Why are young ladies especially at higher risk than men?

  • Not having knowledge of health care services
  • Imbalance in the gender in our society
  • The social and financial status of women
  • Violence faced by women
  • Adolescent girls in society

Apart from these, all poverty is one reason for dealing and sexual misuse of women who might be less instructed before having sexual relationships for needs and has no detail about the dangers of HIV AIDS  problem.

How can young women protect themselves from HIV AIDS?

Initially, find out basic details about HIV and AIDS and share this meaning information with your family members, office staff in case you are working and close friends. If you are intending to have a kid, then it will be best to complete an HIV test before pregnancy for both you and your life partner. This will assist you in giving birth to a healthy child.

Your number of sexual accomplices should be minimum for your healthy life. It will good if you make relationships with the one trustworthy partner or your husband. Also never share the syringe and needles. Continuously utilize spotless, crisp needles to infuse. On the off chance that you are an HIV influenced mother, don’t breastfeed your lovely kid. Utilize male condoms or female condoms if you are having sexual intercourse. The most ideal approach to avoid HIV and other explicitly transmitted infections. Before engaging in sexual relations, examine the man/woman in front of you about HIV testing.

Apart from this, it is very important to increase awareness regarding HIV AIDS in women through TV, Intenet, Social campaigns, health services training, sex education classes and so on. It is even more significant to make caring about the effect of HIV AIDS a dangerous disease and give information to young girls in schools and colleges.


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