Many People Confused Between HIV And AIDS. Do You Feel The Same?

AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is a medical situation, in which the immune system becomes too week to fight with infections, while HIV is a virus which can damage the immune system by killing cells.

The “HIV” stands for human immunodeficiency virus. HIV is a virus basically as its name implies, it can prompt a situation full of infections that are known as AIDS. Our immune system works for clearing the virus from the body but in case of this HIV, it fails to do it. It became a very weak day by day if not treated properly. Our immune system can’t eliminate HIV totally, but it can control it for a long time span.

HIV is an infection which can transmit from one person to another, while AIDS in a stage which comes after getting HIV infection. In other words, AIDS is stage-3 HIV. This is the last third stage of HIV infection. It is a condition with side effects that shift from individual to individual. Due to AIDS, a person can incorporate tuberculosis, pneumonia, and other dangerous diseases also.

While an individual can have an HIV disease without having AIDS, anybody determined to have AIDS has officially contracted HIV. HIV causes influenza-like indications around two to about a month after transmission. Mostly, HIV is transmitted through sex without condoms or shared needles. A mother can transmit the infection to their kid during pregnancy period too. Bacterial contaminations and different conditions, for example, a certain type of cancer can also happen. There is a huge chance of getting this problem.

A normal person has 500 to 1200 approx CD4 cells in the immune system. Once you have HIV infections it destroys these cells in the immune system. AIDS is the condition when these CD4 cells count is around 250 to 200. Another factor can create AIDS has an increasing virus infection. Apart from viruses, it can also spread from fungi or bacteria. On the off chance that HIV forms into stage 3 HIV means AIDS,  your future life can drop altogether now. It’s very hard to fix this problem and make our immune system free from virus.

AIDS referred to death directly in earlier days. But because of research technology and new medicines, now the people can be saved from this dangerous disease by means of regular treatment. Medicines can control AIDS very effectively by interfering with its viral life cycle.

With the present medications for HIV issue, people can live good with HIV even and never have AIDS create. It’s essential to take note of that effective antiretroviral treatment and a supported imperceptible viral burden significantly brings down the danger of transmitting the infection to an accomplice.

At the last but not the least with effective antiretroviral treatment and some immune system recuperation, numerous men and women with this AIDS; stage 3 HIV fight and live long lives without any fear.

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