Is there any link between anxiety and frequent urination?

For those patients who are suffering from an anxiety problem, this connection can be disturbing sometimes. The fundamental thing one should do is see the specialist or any experienced gynaecologist first so that proper checkups and tests can be performed in the pathology lab.

The mix of anxiety and frequent urination is not a big issue nowadays if you identify it in the early days. The connection between anxiety or nervousness and frequent urination will be talked in this blog.

Anxiety and frequent urination are constrained by the sensory system in our body. Basically, when we feel much tension in our life, we slip into this mode unknowingly without having no idea. This is our body’s reaction to an apparent peril or destructive circumstance.


There are many reasons for the symptom of anxiety with frequent urination. Here are some popular reasons which include:

  • One can feel that they need to urinate again and again more than the normal situation. One can feel you need to urinate even though you just urinated.
  • In the frequent urination, your bladder needs emptying though you just emptied it, still. One can feel that they need to urinate more than two to three times per hour.
  • One can feel that they need to urinate even though you haven’t been consuming more water or liquids.
  • One can feel that they need to urinate, but when they go for doing that there will be no results or small production of urine. In short, one can frequently feel a need to go to the washroom.
  • You will be overwhelmed with a flood of adrenaline, and abruptly, may want to urinate again and again. In this time period, the weight of your body might be trying to reduce. This reaction of weight reducing is totally automatic, as you will have no influence over this organic procedure.

In most cases, this is something totally typical and not something to be excessively worried about. Stressing excessively over the frequent urination can bring on additional inclinations and symptoms of this problem. This can be the considerably embarrassing situation on the off chance that you have an open bathroom for some reason in nearby areas.

So it’s true that anxiety may be a reason for frequent urination in women especially. Sometimes due to some other diseases anxiety generated in the body and later it causes frequent urination.

Since various serious medical situations have signs unlike that of stress and anxiety, so if the doctors can easily say the difference between stress and anxiety caused sensations and indications caused by other issues.

Further, if you have had any medical tests done suggested by the doctor earlier and your test results are not positive then you can feel confident that your signs of frequent urination are solely caused by anxiety or over tension and not by another situation.

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