Is It Safe For Your Body To Take Emergency Contraception Pills?

Surprizes and accidents happen in our life and generally, they occur when you are not prepared completely for accepting that thing. But that’s only the level of surprise and you can’t help it. When it comes to family planning which you do not want right now, you can read in advance by taking emergency contraception.

Almost all emergency contraception pills (ECPs) are the secure choice with regard to what they are prepared to stop unwanted pregnancies. These are the main ECPs:

  • ellaOne, one of the popular and most effective emergency birth control pills, is proven to be safe for 99% of women who use it within 120 hours means from unprotected sexual intercourse.

  • Other, Levonelle is also reported to be the most popular and best contraceptive choice for 90% of women across the globe. So far no deaths have been reported following the use of these emergency contraception pills (ECPs).

How would ECPs work to counteract undesirable pregnancy?

These are a portion of the key inquiries you might need to ask and feel consoled before you simply ahead and purchase the most effective pill for you. When you wrap up this article, you will have enough believable data to feel sure about utilizing the best Emergency Contraception.

Emergency Contraception can stop pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse or if the other case you used contraception and it has been failed, unfortunately. You can wind up pregnant on the off chance that you have unprotected sexual intercourse even just once.

Also, emergency contraception won’t influence your pregnancy to leave. It’s anything but a premature birth pill remember. In any case, if you discover after you have taken it that you are pregnant, it won’t hurt the embryo.

Numerous women have taken estrogen and progesterone which is the two most important hormones in ECPs in early pregnancy and have proceeded to have typical infants. If you are pregnant indeed, you must consult talk about your choices with a doctor at the earliest opportunity.

Precautions for taking ECPs

The most well-known symptoms of ECPs are queasiness and vomiting. On the off chance that your doctor gives you this type of ECP, they will give you extra other pills to control these problems. In the event that you hurl inside an hour of taking the primary portion of ECPs, you have to take more ECPs. A few ladies have delicate swelling and migraines. These don’t keep going long. But always remember if there is anything after taking the tablets to avoid pregnancy you must consult with the doctor immediately. If you are far away then you can ask on the phone at least.

This article is for general knowledge of emergency contraception requirements for women and should not be taken as medical advice. If it is so, kindly consults your doctor or an experienced gynaecologist for further treatment purpose.

So be safe to be healthy!




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