How to minus the sinusitis?


There are many cavities (hollow holes) in our skull. They help keep our head and breathe. These holes are called sinus. If the sputum is filled up in these holes then it becomes difficult to breathe. This problem is called the sinus.

The signs of the sinus in older and children, all, are the same. In addition, many symptoms of cold-cold, flu, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and sinus are nearly identical.

Types of sinus

Acute sinus

The signs of winter occurring suddenly arise, such as nose stagnation or burning in the face and pain in the face. This condition does not end even after 8-10 days but usually persists for four weeks. Acute sinus is often caused by a bacterial infection and it causes infection in the upper part of the respiratory tract.

Period: 1 month.

Sub-acute sinus

Sinus has swelling and a burning sensation for four to eight weeks. Swelling of the sinus is of two types: one, swelling is sudden and ends in a few days. But many patients have swelling in the long run and there is also a pain in the nose. There is a dire need to clean the nose’s way. When these symptoms of sinus last for weeks, it is called chronic sinus.

Period: 1 to 3 months.

Recurrent sinus

If asthma is asthma or there is an allergy-related illness, then chronic sinus may occur.

Period: more than 3 months


Nosal drops are given to reduce inflammation in the nose, but they should be taken for a few days only. Use of longer days has a bad effect on the inner surface of the nose. Pain-killer medicines are given for pain relief. Steam in it also benefits a lot. Drink plenty of water and resting the disease quickly.

Anti-biotic medicines are given for sinus treatment. They clear the infection of the sinus. Doctors give medicines according to the patient’s condition. In the early stages, treatment of sinus is possible with medicines, but if treatment is not done during the time, surgery can be the last treatment.

For sinus treatment or surgery, you have to go to the ENT specialist. Endoscopic sinus surgery is performed for sinus.

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