Women And HIV AIDS: Transmissions, Symptoms And Myths

Numerous men and women across the globe with HIV don’t have a clue about what they have HIV since they feel and seem sound. They can taint others without knowing it. While there is no known remedy for HIV or Helps, there are medicines and preliminaries that give a superior personal satisfaction and, at times, expand the lives of those determined to have either HIV or Helps.

What is HIV and how is it transmitted?

HIV stands for “Human Immunodeficiency Virus”.

HIV is an infection that harms the safe immune system framework in the body after some time and it is a virus also that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). 

Here are the main reasons for the transmission of AIDS:

  • HIV is transmitted from individual to individual from contact with tainted blood, semen as well as vaginal liquid.
  • Having unprotected sex vaginal, anal sex and oral sex without using any protection with an AIDS infected partner builds the danger of contracting HIV more than before. Most ladies contract HIV after doing vaginal sex or anal sex.
  • HIV can be transmitted by means of unsterile sedate use, from utilizing tainted needles, syringes or tools that are used for the medical process.

Symptoms of AIDS in women

  • Ladies who are suffering from AIDS may begin to feel a few irregularities in their menstrual cycles (MC). They started missing their periods and sometimes it leads to no period also.
  • Around 75% of people with intense HIV infection will encounter influenza-like side effects. If a woman is having AIDS virus attack then after one and half months after contamination she will begin to encounter influenza and cold like indications that include throat problem, body hurting level pain, illness and unnecessary exhaustion.
  • They may begin to decrease weight quickly because of the continuous loss of hunger.
  • Sometimes it is so critical for you and your husband/boyfriend to dependably get tried before starting another sexual relationship.

So it is advised that getting regular checkups and consulting with the doctor for HIV enables ladies is best to look for required treatment sooner and stops the spread of the infection to other healthy and nice people.

Pregnancy and HIV AIDS

HIV can be easily transmitted from a mother to her baby called perinatal HIV  through breastfeeding or during pregnancy time. So it is good to guarantee that every single pregnant lady is must test for HIV once all through their pregnancy, the transmission from mother to her child can help be averted using antiretrovirals amid pregnancy period, a cesarean birth (C-section) operation, and additionally critical treatment for the lovely kid after birth.

Myths related to HIV AIDS 

With the different advancements and research in the field of HIV AIDS are now esteemed fantasies or we can say myths at present among the people especially in women. There are some repudiated fantasies that everybody, particularly HIV-positive pregnant ladies must familiar: 

If a mother is HIV Positive then their kid must be HIV positive

It is unquestionably phenomenal news for HIV-positive ladies who right now are pregnant or who want to consider that present HIV drug put the most extreme plausibility of mother-infant transmission at 2 to 3%. This kind of announcement is absolutely false. But yes the blood flow of child and mother is one of the scandalous methods for HIV transmission. Always the newborn children must experience an HIV test half a month subsequent to being conceived.

C- section operation for delivery is the best option for HIV-positive mothers to guarantee their kids will be HIV-negative.

This never again remains constant. Vaginal birth normal delivery is the most prescribed methods for birth for HIV-positive moms. The c-section operation was the prescribed sort of baby delivery since this decreases the infant to touch with HIV-containing blood and other virus-infected parts. Indeed safe vaginal birth is unquestionably conceivable as long as the mother has a generally innocuous viral load. The HIV home test is in a perfect method done on the mother before the conveyance of the baby in the world. This HIV home test or clinical test by the specialist should be performed on the infant.

HIV-positive males can’t end up dads of HIV free kids.

In spite of the fact that this seems more authentic than the first myth, this is also false. Men who tried positive to HIV test would now be able to fail in passing the HIV virus to their partner and strikingly to the considered kid. Just remember for whatever time that the viral load stays at a satisfactory dimension, HIV-positive guys can securely progress toward becoming guardians simply like their HIV-negative partners. There are a few methods for this to occur such as FDA-affirmed prophylactic medication that HIV-negative moms can take to keep the securing and ensuring going of contamination to the posterity. Before taking part in sexual intercourse with your partner, positive guys must experience an HIV test to confirm the future risk by using HIV test kit.

Ladies who are pregnant need to eat twice

This fantasy does not get the sponsorship of respectable examinations. It is true that pregnant ladies have expanded craving in view of the requirements of the creating child as compared to normal days but this doesn’t mean eating too much is good on a daily basis. This fact applies to most ladies paying little heed to the result of the HIV test.

Powerful HIV pills certainly have negative effects on the unborn baby.

Many research has shown that a baby conceived from HIV-positive moms displayed an absence of injurious impacts even when the moms stayed faithful to their antiretroviral medicines. A contributing element to this reality is the lower poisonous quality dimensions of current HIV prescriptions contrasted with their antecedents. Also, it is a big myth that the born baby has abnormal body parts.

So these are some important information regarding HIV AIDS which women, why only women even a good husband (Men) should also know.

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