8 Heart Attack Symptoms You Must Not Overlook

It is not a big deal to introduce the word ‘heart attack’ across the families in the world. Everyone is slightly familiar with this. As per the many analysis and reviews, heart assault is the main executioner diseases among ladies.

Heart attack symptoms in women are unique in relation to men as their distinctive body shape. At the point when women have an attack, they think this as brain presser, discomfort and so on. As their temperament is disregarded themselves and consequently they couldn’t care less themselves while actually, they have a heart attack. So the two people need to realize what is the side effect of a women heart attack in women.

It will be simple for fighting with the unsafe impacts of a heart attack if a woman can recognize it in the beginning times. It is required to know about numerous side effects that are being caused by the condition of heart attack condition at a suitable stage. In General, both men and women above the age of 40-50 are prone to heart attack issues but this is no ground law for this.

Common heart attack symptoms in women 

Chest pain and discomfort 

Crushing in chest, totality or awkward weight and agony in the critical point of your chest, as we all well know. This Sort of circumstance last a couple of minutes at that point all of a sudden leaves and again return sooner or later. Chest squeezing, fullness or uncomfortable blood pressure and pain in the centre of your chest also works as the most common symptoms. Sometimes this type of situation lasts a few seconds then suddenly goes away for some time and again comes back after a while.

Shortness of breath

Generally when women feel shortness of breath with or without chest uneasiness then it is also a well-defined symptom of a heart attack. women’s most basic attack and the heart side effect is shortness of breath, queasiness and regurgitating also.

Unexplained fatigue or extreme tiredness 

Though women resting enough in the daytime too if she is a homemaker which will make them so tired and still they are feeling tired most of the times then this may be one of the risky signs of a heart attack in women. The sentiment of tiredness can be overwhelmingly found in women who are having issues with their heart. There are numerous reasons that add to this issue. This can be ascribed towards powerlessness of heart to blood towards various parts of the body in a typical way. In this way, a portion of the parts won’t get enough dimension of nourishment and this condition will prompt weakness.

Feel pain in Jaw, back and stomach 

While women have a heart assault or attack then she will feel agony or inconvenience in one or the two arms, the back, neck, jaw or stomach.


It is not relieved by antacids or even hurt burping. Heart attack symptoms in women are also followed by nausea. Nausea is a common symptom which is produced by the several reasons in women such as sickness, bad headache and migraine, fainting, low blood sugar, low BP, gastroenteritis problem, vomiting, and food poisoning issue.


When women will feel such as she has been covered by blank black spaces or moving or sometimes they are close to faint then this can be due to a serious heart attack.

Unusual cold sweating 

It is also one of the well-known heart attack symptoms in women. It is very usual and not need to explain much, as it is understood by the title itself.

Sleep disturbance suddenly 

Well, as per some heart specialist disturbance in the sleep is common but less noticed thing in any women which can lead to a heart attack. Due to much stress, huge hormonal changes or things that bother them such as overloading in housework, work in the office, family pressures and matters, unnecessary demand from husband and children even are some popular reasons which cause the sleep disturbance.
Being women if you feel any unusual and prolonged sleep disturbance or it is hard to you for falling asleep in the night on the proper time be on a keen notice you already as this could be a heart problem.

A recent study revealed that almost 50% women across the globe who had recently suffered or died due to a heart attack also experienced sleep disturbances in the days or weeks even months which leading up to their attacks.

Take small precautions for yourself

For taking in a smooth way, firstly it is very important that the right dimension of air is being breathed in and breathed out. In the event that the above condition isn’t satisfied, there are chances that the woman won’t have the capacity to take in a typical way. Any issue in tissues that convey air will prompt an inadequate dimension of air being breathed in and breathed out. This will make it to a great degree hard to relax. This is one of the main reasons that can be found in all women who are encountering issues.

There are a few medications that are accessible and recuperate ordinariness over some stretch of time. Last but not the least if you’ve risk factors for heart disease factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol), you should be especially vigilant already in monitoring how you feel and if you suspect you’re having the signs, seek medical help fast. Your pains anywhere in the body and your response to daily meals and regular activities, take a deep look at them. 

Overall, we can say that the heart attack issue in the world is equally common to both men and women as well. It is equally severe in both situation and has claimed lives across the globe. The only thing is that symptoms and signs of the heart attack in the women are slightly more conspicuous and risky as compared to the men. Though they may be easily mistaken for gastric ailments or physical weakness, but should not be neglected.

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