How To Deal With The Frequent Urination, An Embarrassing Condition?

Frequent Urination


Frequent urination, as its name implies has a desire to pass the urine more regularly than expected normally. It can unmanaged one’s typical everyday routine and it tends to be an indication of a hidden problem later. The above requirement for frequent urination is named “Nocturia” in medical terms.


This problem can happen in both men and women. Numerous individuals think that their water drinking habit can create the need to urinate frequently. Removing drinks several hours prior to sleep time has been known to reduce the issue of Nocturia. Some people find that they drink water instead of sodas or coffee in the day so they make to go to the washroom frequently.  Once in a while, frequent urination depends on your healthy situations not by drinking less.

  • Pregnancy is a typical reason behind frequent urination in ladies. As the uterus extends to hold the developing embryo or fetus, it starts to apply weight to the bladder. This can make a decrease in the urine quantity the organ can hold before informing you that you have to go to the washroom to extract urine.

  • Many women experience hormonal changes after menopause time and post pregnancy period which causes the imbalance in their life and it minimizes the ability of the bladder to stretch which leads to frequent urination.

  • Diabetes type 1 and type 2 both are a typical reason for frequent urination. The affliction is caused when the body attempts to reduce body glucose through urination.

  • Diuretics meditation can cause you to have frequent urination. These medicines work to rid the body of excess liquid that can build up in the kidneys. The result is the need to go to the restroom many times in 24 hours. Coffee can also act as diuretics, so limiting their use is the best decision if you really don’t want to go washroom frequently. Some urinary infections can also make you have the inclination to visit the washroom again and again. This sort of issue is commonly joined by a fever just as stomach pain.

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can also one of the main reasons for frequent urination in women.

  • Kidney stones can cause obstruction infrequent urination. Even in pregnancy time, the uterus expands and makes urination difficult and frequent. A couple of causes are overactive bladder disorder, interstitial cystitis, bladder cancer, bladder brokenness and radiation treatment, stroke or urinary incontinence.

  • In men, the prostate issue happens which majorly affects the urethra. The urethra is the cylinder that keeps running from the bladder to outside of the body however which urine is dispensed with.

Specific disease caused by frequent urination

Nowadays It’s very normal for pregnant women to suffer from urinary incontinence eventually in their pregnancy. The experience obviously differs from different women and even pregnancy to pregnancy, however, the uncontrolled spillage of urine is a most popular problem amongst mothers. The measure of urine passed may change from a couple of drops to a substantial stream sometimes. Incontinence may begin toward the start of pregnancy and not finish until the child is conceived. In some cases, it might be ending after the birth of the baby but then stay years after.

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is nothing but the failure to control your urine disposal. You don’t want to do it publicly but may lose the urine. Urinary incontinence is more nowadays in women especially, however incontinence can be found in kids, teenagers and old people too. It finds in both men and women. Although more ladies appear to experience the bad effects of this humiliating condition than men. Due to the embarrassing factor, few people shroud their condition as opposed to seeing a doctor sometimes to get help.

A urinary infection is very painful and very uncomfortable. A person with the infection feels like staying indoors for long hours. One does not realize when he can urinate. Moreover, the person who is affected also is unable to follow a fixed routine. It causes anxiety, anger and short temper in the individual. If you do not go out of your house then you end up doing nothing. Your life, in a way, becomes so passive that lethargy sets in. Under such circumstances, you must take diuretics and always consult a good doctor. Moreover, you must get into the habit of drinking lots of water. Even if you do not want to you must force yourself and drink at least eight to ten glasses every day. It is better to prevent the disorder than wait for it to happen and then find a solution.

Sometimes urinary incontinence happens for a little time frame. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you are influenced by urinary disease, you should consider measures to guarantee your bed and garments don’t recolour. There are a couple of signs that you should know about and these are the reasons that you should search for to find urinary problems. These include fever, back pain, vomiting, chills, increased thirst, weight loss or feeling of hunger more frequently. If you notice these call your doctor immediately. If you are not pregnant and feel like urinating frequently then be assured of being infected. Bloody or cloudy urine are symptoms to look out for. A discharge from your vagina is also not a good sign.

How to deal with frequent urination?

It is best to start by changing how much and what you drink to decide the reason for your frequent urination problem. If this doesn’t work, you might need to consult a doctor immediately about the condition. Also, yoga, eating the right diet and quality food such as Vitamin C, juice, green vegetables, yogurt, pumpkin, avoiding alcohol and caffeinated drinks can help a lot with this problem.

Those that experience the symptoms of frequent urination are no uncertainty looking for the best medicines for this condition. It is irritating to go through a portion of your days racing to the bathroom. The initial step in reducing the issue is to discover the correct reason. With such a significant number of, there might be some experimentation required until the point when the determination can be made.

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