All About Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection


HIV is a hostile, uncomforting virus that deteriorates and obliterates your immune system, sending-off an individual susceptible to being infected via more poisonous diseases like AIDS. Especially, it obliterates the cells that assist one in getting better when ill and stop them from being sick when in effect healthy.

So, what is HIV?

HIV is truly an acronym that is called ‘Human Immunodeficiency Virus’.

The initial part, human shows that just we, humans, are vulnerable to HIV.

The next part, Immunodeficiency signifies that it assails your immune system. Immuno suggesting to your immunity system and deficiency signifying a need thus immunodeficiency signifies a need for immunity.

The third portion virus shows that HIV is a virus, an illness that develops by conquesting host cells and keeping them individually.

Cause And Risk factor

One may consider that this HIV is not as presumptuous as it can appear. HIV may cover for extended periods of time in your body cells and that it assails a key portion of your immune system, your CD4 cells or T-cells. Your body needs to have these cells to struggle HIV infection symptoms and disease, but HIV attacks them, employs them to create more facsimiles of it, and then obliterates them.

People infected via HIV is possible to get AIDS, the virus assailing the cells that are linked with the immune system. The infection creates your body to be susceptible so it may not recuperate fast if there is any wounded system and creates you simpler to attain a disease. Though, the symptoms may be experienced after many years of contagion.


HIV does not show any signs or symptoms, even though, after getting infected for a month or two, one can get sickness like regular flu that may involve symptoms such as a headache, fever, distended lymph nodes and tiredness. The early symptoms of HIV can incite digestive signs that also produce regurgitation and nausea, diarrhea, not having an appetite, and clear weight loss, very harsh signs are swelling of the pancreas and liver. But after getting HIV one would go through an asymptomatic epoch, where one would not go through any causes.

This time would normally last 10 years for adults or with reference to 2 years for newly born babies that had HIV gone by to them. Finally, like the immune system starts withering one would start developing different symptoms like inflamed glands, pursued by the need of power, weight loss, recurrent sweat and fever, common yeast infection, pelvic provocative disease, rashes, in females, and short-term memory trouncing.

In brief, HIV is a stern virus that departs a single virus to additional viruses and illnesses. It gradually and dishonestly finishes cells that safeguard the body from damage. It characteristically includes no early signs, apart from perhaps a disease a month or two following getting uncovered.

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