Do You Know These Bad Effects Of Sleep Disorder?

The effect of sleeping disorder is very large, but when it comes to the initial effects, firstly, the dark circle becomes under the eyes. If there is a lack of concentration then the ability to make decisions is also less. Apart from this, staying tired and tired is also a sign of lack of sleep. There is also diabetes, high blood pressure (BP) and obesity due to lack of sleep. Having too much constipation is also the result of its effect. Memory loss is also weak due to a sleep disorder. 65% of sleep disorders are due to the cause of anxiety.

Sleep disorders symptoms

Sleep disorder symptoms appear in many ways, such as sleeping after going to bed, sleeping in the day, frequent sleeping, frequent sleeping in the night, snoring, nights Shouting legs, talking in sleep, walking and so on.

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder

When sleeping at the time of sleep becomes a habit of the person then they suffer from it. This often happens in the drivers of trucks,  aircraft drivers, night shift workers in long route trains, working in BPO sectors. The effect is then known, even when they did not work, these people could not sleep at the time of sleep.

Delayed sleep phase syndrome

In this, the person gets used to getting up from a few hours late. Gradually, the body moves according to the same. You can fix your sleeping time to troubleshoot this problem, avoid sleeping in the daytime and avoid watching TV addiction.

Sleep apnea

Normally the victims of Sleep Apnea feel relieved while sleeping and cannot sleep because of this. Many times it is also due to the increase of throat meat.


The state of insomnia is considered when the problem of not sleeping is long. The problem can last for two to three weeks or months.


Hypersomnia is the opposite of insomnia. Such people sleep after every short time.

Best relief measures 

Write on paper

Before going to bed, write your concern on paper. Write his solution too. Write also how to solve it tomorrow.

Make a white or light colour canvas in the room

Put a named Om symbol in your sleeping room. Now concentrate on it 15 minutes before sleeping. Apart from this, the white or light blue canvas can also be meditated. This will ease the mind and sleep.

Take three hours before sleep medication 

Many medicines are such that they sleep after eating. Some anti-allergic medicines typically do this. So try to eat the dose before sleeping for about three hours before sleeping so that it does not have any effect on sleep.

Don’t eat sweet much

Do not eat food for at least two hours before sleeping. Avoid eating sweet just before bedtime.


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