Depression has been identified as a symptom of dementia

Research has shown that there is a connection between dementia and depression, but this information is not available yet. Research is going on. Experts on the basis of research so far believe that there are many types of relationships between dementia and depression.


Depression is considered to be a factor of dementia. The person with depression is more likely to have dementia. Some experts have the opinion that this is because depression has many changes in the brain, and vascular or pulse problems, and due to these changes, dementia is more likely. People with depression will not have dementia, but in them, the probability of dementia is higher than others.

According to experts, depression is also a possible symptom of symptoms caused by brain changes in dementia. That is, a possible result of dementia is depression, and we can understand dementia as the cause of depression. It may also be included in symptoms that may appear first.


Depression has a very serious effect on the person, so it is important to be cautious and to get proper diagnosis and treatment. But due to the lack of awareness in society, people often do not recognize it and do not consult the doctor. 

Try to be alert about depression, especially in older people. The problem of a correct diagnosis is more in the elderly because seeing the signs of depression, the family thinks that the person has retired or is old, therefore are lost and do not participate in activities.

Dementia can be reduced by recognizing depression and proper treatment. Depression and dementia relations are especially important in older people because the risk of dementia is high in the elderly. If you know that the person has depression then doctors and family members may be more alert for dementia symptoms.

If a person has both depression and dementia, doctors will be able to diagnose dementia in addition to the treatment of depression, and will also be able to give information and advice about dementia. Families can understand the situation of a person better and make the right arrangements for the care.

Depression is related to some other diseases such as heart disease. There are also other health-related benefits from the diagnosis and treatment of depression.

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