Depression after delivery: How to manage?

Lesser Penance matters more than the experience of giving birth. In some women, it can be psychologically harmful and can also cause depression. This depression is about 80% of women.

Reasons for depression after pregnancy

Here see some of the top reasons for depression after pregnancy:

  1. History of Depression in the family before or after the pregnancy
  2. Disorder in marital life or any problem in the family
  3. Less support from society
  4. Unloved by family

How to deal with this situation?

Give your relationships time

A new way of life comes from the new members of the house and during this time it is important that you value the relationship with your partner and not avoid them. Being with you is the person with which you can share the responsibilities and who can understand your problem, you can easily get out of the period of depression. So it is better to give time to your life partner, family and friends so that you can treat the depression arising after delivery.

Sleep adequately in postnatal care

Even after delivery, the mother’s body remains in a state of improvement and not only the child but the mother also need adequate sleep. Accurately, sleeping comfortably improves the health of the mother, as well as the symptoms of depression like irritation, mood swings, sorrow and others.

Pay attention to your diet

What do you eat, you feel the same Therefore, focus on your diet during this time. Mix more green vegetables, fresh fruits and cereals in your diet and improve your mood. These mines are filled with vitamins and mineral, which can increase the serotonin present in the brain. Omega 3 fatty acids are also considered to improve the mood, so it is better to use fatty fish, nuts and seeds in your diet and remove yourself from the stage of depression. During this, avoid alcohol and caffeine.

With the help of Yoga, get rid of this depression

Meditation, pranayama and breathing exercises can help a lot in reducing depression. These include Ujjayi Breath, Full Yogic Breath, Bhramari Pranayama, Yoga Dipra, Nadi Purification Pranayama. This helps to recover the body faster and better.

All types of exercises are not right for the mother, who gave birth to a baby a few days ago, but some exercises like Freehand exercises and without feeling yourself tired, can use slow running or walking. Exercise produces serotonin in the brain. Serotonin improves mood.

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