Ayurveda Treatment For Eczema Type of Skin Disease

In Eczema the skin becomes dry and it seems to itch repeatedly because there is a lack of moisture on the upper surface of the skin, resulting in no protection of the skin, the attack of bacteria and easy to penetrate. In severe cases of eczema, secretion of the pus and blood is also found in the areas of skin. This disease is also known as Dermatitis. Eczema usually disappears for many people but for others, it can be lifelong.

Ayurvedic remedies

By following some Ayurvedic remedies, the symptoms of this problem can be reduced, they are:

Neem oil

There are two main anti-inflammatory compounds in neem and citrus oil. Neem oil moisturizes the skin, reduces any pain, and provides protection against infection. Take a quarter olive oil for this and add 10 to 12 neem oil drops and place it in the affected area. There will be a sensation on the skin but it will benefit from eczema permanently.


Safee syrup is a very popular drug in blood purification, which takes one to two spoons of the empty stomach to cure eczema.

Aloe vera

The best way to give freshness to the aloe vera skin is the shame. Works wonders in controlling the skin’s dryness due to eczema. Applying Aloe vera with Vitamin E oil will help reduce itching. It will help nourish the skin and reduce swelling at the same time. For this, take out the gel from the leaves of Aloe vera and remove the Vitamin E oil from the capsule and mix it well. Then place it in eczema affected place and with the coolness, you feel the benefits yourself.


Adding 20 ml of Khadirarishta into 20 ml of water, taking two meals a day after eating it will help.

Guduchyadi oil

Applying this medicinal oil in the affected area benefits from it.

Panchnimbadi Powder

Taking half a spoon of water after eating Panchnimbadi Powder also benefits in Eczema.


Mixing a spoonful of Chandan with a spoonful of camphor and putting it on a place with eczema also benefits a lot.


Pure turmeric also provides benefits in the treatment of eczema. It can be applied to the eczema rashes and mixed with milk can also be cooked.

Honey and cinnamon

For this, take 2 spoons honey and 2 spoons of cinnamon powder and mix it well and make a paste. Wash eczema affected area and then paste this paste. Wash with water after drying. Honey calms the skin irritation, reduces inflammation, and accelerates the treatment process. Cinnamon is also an antimicrobial agent. It is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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