Birth Control Medication Choices For Women And Men Both

How to avoid pregnancy

Becoming a mother and being pregnant is one of the beautiful things in the world. It is a vital step in the life of a couple. The best part of pregnancy is that if it is not planned then it can be prevented, controlled by following some strategy by both partners.

If you and your sweetheart do not want a child right now then this post is for you.

A few choices can rather be received to not get pregnant. In this article, we will discuss three things major.

Birth control choices for men

If you have supportive partners then men can also take prevention from their side to avoid the pregnancy. There are some options for them describing below:

Manual way

An increasingly manual type of conception prevention for men is to maintain control and breaking out from intercourse just before discharge. This isn’t prescribed as the odds of progress are very low, and this is certainly not a solid strategy.

Male condoms

Condoms are maybe one of the most effortless and best strategies to be utilized by men as insurance in sexual intercourse. This is best if you are weak at controlling your ejaculation.


Vasectomy is an increasingly changeless type of male preventative. This must be done precisely and does not slow down either erection or discharge of semen.

Birth control choices for women

Here are the best birth control choice for women that you should know:

Female condoms

A female condom is a small pocket that you put inside the vagina to decrease the danger of pregnancy. Female condoms frame a boundary covering within the vagina. At the point when utilized effectively, sperm and pre-discharge are gotten by the condom and never reach the vagina. This keeps sperm from fertilizing the egg, therefore eliminating the circumstances of getting to be pregnant.

The morning after pill

This contraceptive morning-after pill is another strategy that can be utilized to keep the pregnancy under control. This can be utilized inside 72 hours (or 3 days), giving you time enough to utilize.


Diaphragm to each other with spermicide is another good tool that must be fitted by a doctor. This Diaphragm covers the cervix and helps to stop pregnancy for no less than six hours. It’s exhorted not to keep it set up for the entire day and night.


The coil is a decent alternative for contraception for all ladies. For one, this can be fitted in your private part (vagina) inside 5 days of having unprotected sex. Make sure the doctor should be specialist otherwise it can be risky too.


This cleansing is another normal strategy that must be done through surgery. This is a lasting method for permanent way, and much suggested before settling on it.


Tubectomy is to the best solution for avoiding pregnancy. This is a kind of surgery whereby the fallopian tubes of a lady are cut and properly closed. This is a genuinely protected technique and is known to be very compelling for couples who have children and don’t want to extend their family now.

Oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are another brilliant alternative for avoiding pregnancy. Just try to ensure that you don’t miss your pill in any condition otherwise it may produce some dangerous reactions later.

Implanon or Norplant

If you do not want to take pills side from tablets to keep away from pregnancy, Implanon or Norplant is another alternative for women. These inserts go into the upper part of your arm as elastic bars.

Precautions to maintain a distance from pregnancy

It is told that prevention s better than cure, probably the best strides to stay away from pregnancy have been shared underneath. There are some refreshed alternatives that can furnish you with the most ideal approach to counteract pregnancy.

Never enjoy sex with your partner without any protection strategy. Especially physical relation during your menstrual cycle without any strong assurance must be kept away from. Settle on a final decision of a preventative technique between both of you to take contraceptive procedure. Take legitimate activities to keep the pregnancy under control and check practices, for example, hauling out before semen discharge as there is no assurance that sperm hasn’t just achieved your egg. Engaging in sexual intercourse relations without assurance in the time of the menstruation cycle can turn out to be a misnomer. Any missed estimations can, obviously, get you pregnant.

Also, avoid getting uncovered your private parts contact with sex without security as there is a high shot that some sperm may wind up treating your egg. If you are as of now taking contraception pills, it is exhorted that you don’t make a propensity for taking them unpredictably.

Just before sex, there is generally some release from the penis which betters the demonstration of sex. Its release might just contain a couple of sperms so ensure that your accomplice does not contact your vagina directly in the wake of contacting his penis to abstain from getting pregnant. If you want to master in how to avoid pregnancy without protection then learn to control.

Also contacting the vagina subsequent to taking care of or contacting the female condom or male condom can chance you getting pregnant as any sperm joined to the condom can advance toward the egg in your uterus. Also, ensure that you don’t remain connected with for a really long time in the wake of discharging regardless of whether you are wearing a condom. There have been situations where the substance of the condom spill into the vagina as the penis go limp after discharge.

If you want to learn how to stop pregnancy naturally then the most effortless method to be utilized is a condom. Ensure either the female or the male uses one to keep from getting pregnant.  If there should arise an occurrence of emergencies, for example, torn condoms or missed pills, guarantee you take a morning after or crisis pill that will prevent you from getting pregnant.

There are many foods grown from your ground which you can eat once a day that will guarantee that you will never get pregnant regardless of whether you have been reckless with insurance or conception prevention gadgets. Papaya is one such organic product. 

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