Acne And Dandruff: Are They Interrelated To Each Other?

Dandruff is a very common problem occurring on the head especially on women, due to the presence of rusty and itchy oily skin, bacterial or fungal infections.  Due to this problem, there is no negative effect on the strength of the hair, but it can create face embarrassment. Dandruff also has many other side effects. As this also causes many losses to the face. This problem often happens when the skin of the head is more oily or lubricated.

How acne problem generate with dandruff?

According to the many research in this field, people affected by the dandruff problem have to cope with the problem of acne. The most prominent characteristic of dandruff is to fall like a loose skin peel or scab. Dandruff raises an oily material called sebum which can block skin cells and increases bacteria and dead cells in the face. Because of these, the pores of the rods are closed and the acne on the face and body begins to be acne. When this problem occurs, the glands may become inflamed, and acne started.

If you have dry skin then these flakes are often becoming the main symptom of dandruff which later can clog skin pores. Because of this, a pimple can develop.

Dandruff can also cause more problems for those who are already suffering from acne problems.  If the acne issue is permanent, contact a skin specialist or Dermatologists who suggest that you first location your dandruff issue.

Treatment advice

Due to dandruff, you can adopt the following measures to avoid losses due to speech and face etc. Always apply anti-dandruff shampoo at least twice a week and clean dandruff affected area such as head skin, ears, face etc. Also, keep the hair away from the face, because if the hair with dandruff comes to your face, then it becomes more likely to cause acne due to this.

You can also massage the hair with hot oil once a week, due to which the ridges of dandruff and its causes can be relieved. It keeps the skin of the head healthy and makes blood flow better in the skin of the head. Also, clean your face regularly.

If acne is more on the face then dandruff should be treated with acne, as long as dandruff is not cleaned, the acne cannot be fully treated. According to dermatologists, the biggest cause of acne on the back is often dandruff. Therefore it is necessary to eliminate dandruff to get rid of back acne.

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